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Mini Coffee Tube

Freshest Ground Coffee Prefilled in Mini Tube

Revolutionary 3 IN 1 MINI COFFEE TUBE¡ªAS A CONTAINER, A FILTER AND A STIRRING TOOL ALL IN ONE (Patent Pending 61/859,267) for making better coffee in a simpler way.

- A traditional single coffee bag can¡¯t provide a strong enough water circulation for extracting most of the essences and aroma; it makes a weak or bitter beverage.

- A single cup machine is expensive for most of family.

Our single disposable mini coffee tube comprising a porous tube, a rolled filter, a top, and bottom to form a complete container that provides the functions of holding coffee, filtering, and stirring in mugs or a coffee machine during the brewing process. The appearance of the coffee tube is as slender as a pen or cigar.

This 3 in 1 coffee tube, filter, and mixing tool create a rigid handle that allows user to stir a strong water circulation for extracting more essences and flavor.

Now Prototypes are available for business testing! contacts us for free samples!

This mini tube coffee is fullfilled with ground coffee
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